When placing an order through the website, you must first create an account with a username and password. Next, select an album and click on the picture you would like to purchase. Select the "Buy" feature, then choose the size of the professional print you'd like and how many of that size you'd prefer. At this time, your picture(s) will be placed in a shopping cart. You will also be asked to crop the picture if you would like; otherwise, the pictures will be ordered as shown. Once you have completed your selection(s), chosen a shipping and handling method, and paid for your order, I will receive notification that an order has been placed and is waiting for my approval. (I prefer to approve the order to check the quality of the picture and the way the photo is cropped to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.) Once I have approved the order, you will receive an email and then you can expect your pictures in a few days mailed directly to you!


Another option is to create an account, place items in your shopping cart, then "Share" the shopping cart with me so that I can add your order to my next order to save you on shipping and handling charges.


If you would prefer to place your order through me rather than the website, please contact me either by email: melissajohnsonphotography@hotmail.com or call/text my cell phone: 903-644-6787 with the following information:

  • Your First & Last Name
  • Name of Gallery
  • Picture Number(s)
  • Size of Photo(s)
  • Your contact information - phone number or email

By ordering directly through me, I can crop your photos during the checkout process and might be able to relieve you from a shipping and handling cost. I will contact you to confirm your order and discuss payment options.


I look forward to working with you!